Ben 10 Ultimatrix Watch

The Ben 10 Ultimatrix watch and alien disc Ultimatrix are the latest toys from the hugely popular Ben 10 cartoon series.

The Omnitrix has been recreated in a number of different Toy forms, including actual watches and time pieces in the style of Ben’s Omnitrix, wrist projectors and full size toy recreations that allow kids to jump into their own Ben 10 world. The Ultimatrix is a huge part of the new Ben 10 series, Ultimate Alien, it is an advanced version of the Omnitrix watch featured in all of the previous series and is the alien device that grants Benjamin his powers that allow him to transform into alien life-forms.

At the end of Ben 10 Alien Force the original Omnitrix watch is destroyed by Ben when he sets it to self destruct. Benjamin destroys the watch to stop it falling into the hands of Vilgax who plans to use the powerful technology to conquer the universe. The Ultimatrix was created by Azmuth the original inventor of the Omnitrix but was locked away because of its unstable nature, the device was uncovered and corrected by his assistant Albedo who planned to aid Vilgax in his quest to conquer Earth. However after Ben destroys the Omnitrix he forces Albedo to give it up and dons the new gauntlet device himself. The new Ultimatrix is alot bigger than the original watch and resembles more of a gauntlet that extends up the wearers forearm.

Ben 10 fans can now own their very own new Ultimatrix watches and toys to keep up to date with the new powers and technologies of Ben. Available in the new toy range is the Ben 10 Alien Disc Ultimatrix , the Vuescope Ultimatrix and the full range of new Ultimatrix aliens, ultimate Swampfire, ultimate Big Chill and many more.