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  • The light Mills from Glasxpert are high attention to detail using traditional.

  • Lupi standing clear/Green; Diameter 8 cm, height approx. 16 cm

  • The solar-powered Radiometer Original German product.

  • Room Decorating Idea, technical toy, functional gift

  • The Lupi is the world's smallest sun source in the world.

  • 'The light mill - also known as Radiometer - An educational, physikalisches demonstration object that has 1872 from English physician was actually invented Crookes. This neat little physikalisch Technical Wonder provides a vivid way it light is transformed into kinetic energy. Meets warm light, meaning it is sun, and not neon light for conventional light bulbs (but no cold light) on on a ruhende wing cross, as is this depending on thickness of the light source. The light mill is Glasxpert are traditionally handmade in front of the cornice quality (mouth blown, hand-shapedformed. Our products are handmade and unique. Some variation in size, shape and colour are mark real craftsmanship. Light Mills from Glasxpert: For over 25 years of make the glass blower by Glasxpert This stylish, in a traditional interior decoration. The solar radiometer from Glasxpert are just right for the original by Sir William Crookes, the original Crookes radiometer. Due to complicated manufacturing processes combined with a lot of knowledge are light mill only with a just a few workshops, original. Glasxpert is one of them. The extensive range of the light mill includes over 200 different variations. Always worked will prepare the lighting voltage according to the development of new designs. The radio m (33 feet) away from Glasxpert are renowned the world over. "Our Lupi rotates at six continents and has twice been object by Hollywood Angels Play Pen for your movies (For Charlie: Full power" and "transcendence). It's not just the Hollywood film producers are of our products inspires, as well as one of the most smartphone Manufacturer will pick up advertising for TV in our light Mills in back. With Glasxpert there is a large variety of solar radiometer - in a hanging or standing. Various patents Keep Our unique design of light Mills.

    Solar Radiometer Lightmill standing 80mm clear green Radiometers by Crookes B00S3J6DXS

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