Ben 10 Omnitrix Watch

The Ben 10 Omnitrix watch is what gives Ben his amazing transformation powers which makes the Omnitrix watch a much wanted part of any young fans collection.

The Omnitrix has been recreated in a number of different Toy forms, including actual watches and time pieces in the style of Ben’s Omnitrix, wrist projectors and full size toy recreations that allow kids to jump into their own Ben 10 world.

What is the Omnitrix?

While on holiday with his family Ben stumbles upon an alien device which attaches the Omnitrix to his wrist and grants Ben the awesome power to transform into any one of a huge range of super powered alien life forms each with its own special powers to suit every situation. Ben selects the alien that he wishes to combine with from the dial on the watch and by locking the control dial in to place engages in the transformation process. The Omnitrix watch combines the wearer’s (in this case Ben’s) DNA with the DNA of the super powered alien that he chooses and while still remaining in full control the process will transfer certain aspects of the original aliens personality into him. The Omnitrix watch was created with a number of fail safes and protective measures to stop it being used for the wrong reasons for example only allowing the bearer to transform into a chosen form for 10 minutes at a time and the ability to only select from a choice of 10 aliens, however on his adventures Ben 10 will learn more of the mysterious Omnitrix and how to unlock its true powers.

Check out the range of Ben 10 Omnitrix watch toys available for kids of all ages that allow them to tell the time while replicating the style of the Omnitrix alien transformation device or simply play as their favourite cartoon hero.