Ben 10 Alien Disc Ultimatrix

The Ben 10 Alien Disc Ultimatrix is the hottest release in the Ben 10 toys range and a must have this year

Ultimate Alien, the new series from Ben 10 has started and it is more popular than ever. To coincide with the new season Bandai have released a whole new range of toys including the Ben 10 alien disc Ultimatrix.

The Omnitrix was destroyed by Ben at the end of Alien Force in order to stop its awesome powers falling into the hands of the evil Vilgax, but with that Benjamin discovered the new, more powerful, more advanced version known as the Ultimatrix. The Ultimatrix has very similar abilities to that of the Omnitrix watch , granting Ben the ability to fuse his DNA with that of another more powerful alien life-form, granting him amazing powers based on the attributes of each alien race. However the updated watch has the ability to evolve each of Ben10’s aliens into their ultimate alien forms, more powerful and far stronger versions of the current forms but with increased powers and abilities.

In the range of new toys available is the fantastic Ben 10 alien disc ultimatrix, so fans can recreate their very own Ben 10 world with the most up to date toys and technology from the show. Attach the alien disc Ultimatrix to your wrist, insert your ultimate alien discs and spin the dial, just like Ben, activating your ultimate alien light and sound effects.

The Alien disc Ultimatrix comes with a Humungousaur mini disc and requires 3 x LR44 batteries that are included. It is suitable for ages of 4 years and above.

This toy is set to be one of the fastest selling in the Ben 10 toys range this year, with retailers already experiencing huge demands for stock and industry experts predicting that this will be the number one most sought after toy this Christmas. Do not miss out get your hands on the Ben 10 Alien Disc Ultimatrix now while stocks last.