Ben 10 Action Figures

One of the most popular ranges of Ben 10 toys is without a doubt the Ben 10 action figures, each figure is made with fantastic attention to detail that recreates every fans favourite Ben 10 characters with their uncanny likeness.

With the huge success and fan following of Ben 10 the characters from the original cartoon were created in action figure form so children could get their hands on their favourite cartoon characters and let their imaginations run wild. As the series progressed so too has the large range of action figures available from each series creating a much sought after collection of fantastic Ben 10 figures.

The range of figures available is huge and includes all the main characters and a vast selection of Ben’s alien life form counterparts. The Ben 10 figures allow children to select their favourite characters and aliens to recreate their most loved episodes or use their imaginations to create their own adventures.

The Ben 10 action figures available include the fans favourite hero Ben Tennyson and his sidekicks, Gwen Tennyson and Kevin E Levin, Ben’s evil arch enemies Vilgax, Doctor Animo and the Forever Knights and not forgetting the huge range of Alien life forms that Ben can transform into through his Omnitrix. Alien figures available include Heatblast, Wildmutt, Diamonhead, Ben’s favourite Four arms , stinkfly and many many more. Click to see our full range.

Ben 10 Alien Force figures

Ben 10 Alien Force, the second series of Ben 10 happens 5 years after the end of the first, now older and slightly more mature Ben reattaches the Omnitrix once again to save the planet Earth. The Omnitrix evolves and grants Ben access to new and powerful Alien forms that are also all now available in the Ben 10 Alien Force Action figures range